Pendulum is an inclusive & strategic growth investing and advisory platform designed for a new generation of business builders and leaders

This generation is purpose-driven, consciously engaged, and relentlessly determined to build and grow businesses that embody their instinct and their expertise

We are a trusted platform informed and influenced by our experiences to partner with this new generation of entrepreneurs

Our ambition is to create a system that reimagines how great companies are built and redefines who gets to build them

Pendulum is the collective experiences and perspectives of our team

We see, value and reflect the authenticity and sensibility of the founders and companies we serve

Co-Founder and CEO
Robbie Robinson
Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer
D’Rita Robinson
Managing Director
Rish Sinha
Advisory Partner - Business Development
Curtis Martin
Manager, Operations and Administrative Services
Nancy Tom
Vice President
Kabir Ahmed
Thalia Orphee
Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Kristin Scott
Senior Vice President and Controller
Steffanie Spear
Managing Director
Ron Mackey
Coordinator, Operations and Administrative Services
Lorenzo Cruz
Senior Associate
Helen Wang
Assistant Vice President, Compliance
Mary Castillo
Advisory Partner - Business Development
CJ Paul
Senior Fund Accountant
Keyona Jackson
Senior Associate
Chandni Gurnani
Senior Vice President, Brand and Strategy
Rachel Baker

We partner with momentum-building entrepreneurs to pursue transformative outcomes

The founders and companies in our portfolio are intentional and dynamic. We are honored that they chose to be a part of the Pendulum family.

From the beginning we set out to disrupt what was considered “appropriate” topics and conversations for kids. In the process we fundamentally changed the publishing model, which allowed us to tackle almost any subject as it’s unfolding and scale the conversation into new channels and media categories.

Jelani Memory, Founder and CEO, and Stephen Green, Chief Operating Officer

We are excited about building a culture of wellness that is rooted in community. We are creating a global team that is inclusive to all. We have the honor and privilege of coaching and encouraging our community to get strong in their bodies and partner with purpose to ultimately live the life they were called, created, and intended to live.

Angela Manuel Davis, Co-Founder

Our agency challenges brands to be an interaction with culture, not just a reflection of it. By first holding ourselves accountable to this expectation of authenticity, we’ve created space to enable moments of truth; moments that allow us to create out loud, and in turn, impart the permission for others to bravely do the same. Because of this, I continue to be excited for the next and inspired by the now.

April McDaniel, Founder

We are building the ability for people to effortlessly have a place to call home. The more Nickson can facilitate seamless relocation, the more freedom people have to chase their dreams. Being a small part of those dreams is most exciting.

Cameron Johnson, Founder